What dreams may come

A blog to keep track of my dreams and hear the interesting interpretations of others. The dreams are as much as I can recall of them and may be out of order and in rather rough format.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Do you understand that?

A couple of days ago I dreamt about the stove in Al and Shari's house- it had all these extra burners on it.

Last night I dreamt there was this paper and I had explained most of it but there were these comments left by Jim M. and they made no sense. I was trying to understand. He was going to call and I hoped to ask him.

James was going to make a hot dog but ripped the weiner in half in case he made a mistake. I had to hang onto the half he didn't use but then he didn't seem to come back so I was left with it. At least he was getting more independent!

Sunday, December 28, 2014


In my first dream Christine was moved from KGH back to St. Mary's. They said because she was getting better. But then she died and we wondered if they just didn't want blood on their hands.

There were Sprite bottles that had fallen and the small one was inside the big one. There was also some water mixed in.

I woke up from that dream troubled and prayed for Christine, but I did get back to sleep and then this second dream came:

In this dream I'm telling Shari about the first dream in the middle of a 161 exam. What I don't tell her the info that James found out about Brooke being on drugs. She wouldn't want to hear that.
I'm dressed pretty crazy with a wild patterned skirt and a wild patterned shirt with a "train" in the back. The patterns don't go together. I said because I'm not at work.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

When the hummingbird is still

In my dream there were people on 3 teams and one team had slightly less people but they wanted to stop playing because they had a disadvantage.

There was a hummingbird in the room but he remained still in my hand. I was not sure if he was ok.

Sunday, December 14, 2014


I was biking with a group and we were going by Duncan's family and as I went by I injured Carty but not with my bike but with a book I was carrying. It was an accident. He went around on crutches for the rest of the dream.

I had to go through a building and disarm the alarm as there was something I needed to get out of it.

There were a lot of construction crews around and I was walking through. They were building a bridge and there was scaffolding on it that I needed to push past to walk on the bridge. I think I was taking Carty with me.

In an earlier dream that I woke up from at 6am:
I had been pregnant but all of a sudden I looked not pregnant but I hadn't had the baby. Lexa was there telling me it will be ok. They had done a scan and they had seen one arm but not the other so it wasn't looking good. It was due today.

Saturday, December 13, 2014


I dreamt that James and I were on the roof of a minibus traveling on the highway. We could look down at the cars so small below us. But then something happened and James went off head first and Myron fell on the side. This was all on the highway. I was buckled in. I was kneeling beside them. It did not take long for the ambulance people to come and bandage them up. Traffic was backed up for a long way.

I was in an exam trying to help someone understand what an earthquake was. That there were plates that slip and slide. The one girl wanted help but I said I couldn't help with that question. She said she was just doing it for fun and it looked like a children's book so I agreed. Then the earthquake must have happened and I saw the flotilla of boats racing towards it. One boat peeled off and landed on our island, but I couldn't figure out if that was good or bad.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

All the mangy animals

Nanny was holding a baby and smiling. She was really happy.

I was living in someone else's house. They had lots of children. I tried not to be a bather by not using the bathroom often but I had my own bathroom. I would come and go as I pleased.

I was out walking and all the animals looked pretty rough, like they had been in fights. One baby animal (fox or skunk) was up tree hiding from another animal but its mom made it drop down and they walked off together.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

class reunion

We were in an auditorium at a class reunion. They fed us a meal which involved meat and ketchup. There were so many empty bottles of ketchup at the end. I was surprised at how much ketchup was consumed.

Two rooms in the house had to be demolished. James was moved in the night. They were going to add more rooms on as aboriginal housing.