What dreams may come

A blog to keep track of my dreams and hear the interesting interpretations of others. The dreams are as much as I can recall of them and may be out of order and in rather rough format.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

the wrong fight

People fight over the wrong things, the small things and they miss the real questions.

The dream involved a guy asking a girl to marry him. He had these rings hidden. First the engagement and then the wedding all on the same day.

Part of the dream was at RMC and I could see Tony from far away.

Sunday, September 06, 2015


Dreamt that I was pregnant and labouring and then I put my cold hand on the side of my belly and the baby popped out. It was very easy. I watched them cut the cord. I thought at first they were doing it wrong but it ended up working. When they gave me the baby he had 2 front teeth coming in already. I was trying to think of a name for him, and he looked at me and said his name was Joey. I was pretty surprised that he could talk! He joined my other baby Jeremy. I was telling people the difference between the two even though I had just met Joey.

Earlier I had climbed a set of long stairs so I could use the phone to tell people that the baby was coming.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

James' first day of school

I went to drop James off at school on the first day. We arrived late after classes had started- this surprised me. I thought I was dropping him off when I started work. Anyway, because we were late I went to see the secretary. She looked like Karen W. but she had very bad allergies so she kept blowing her nose and couldn't talk. I talked to someone else who said I needed to see the school superintendent. Then Lynann was there and apparently she also had clout as the school as well so I talked to her and explained the situation but she couldn't help me either just told me to fill out some paperwork. Meanwhile I think James had wandered off to go to class.
I was upset because I couldn't find him and didn't know who his teacher was.
By word of mouth I found out it was Steph (male) and thought he would be pleased with that even though I knew a few of his faults.
I went over my morning routine with everyone to explain why we were late.
Then it turned out I didn't have the right shoes so I was looking all over the school for my shoes. Jan was there and wanted me to help clean it but I said I had to find my shoes and do my work first, then I could try to help. There was a lot of junk lying around.
I could see out the window suitcases arriving and I was asking why. I suggested maybe they were from the camp they had before school ended.
Lynann and her husband were going to help unpack.
There were not enough people on the paperwork call list for James. The school would not allow people to be called if they weren't on the list so it was important to have everyone on the list. Lynann suggested Jon and Shiela Conte but I didn't know who they were so I didn't think they could go on the list.
The very end of the dream was a guy reciting a poem/song. I couldn't catch it all but it ended with calling down God's fire.

Yesterday I was baking something in my dream.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Stepping through the mess of childhood

I was in an old museum and things from my childhood were on the ground for people to step on or over- records, clothes, etc.
I was taking postcard photos. I took one of Melissa as a priest. She was very tall. She was giving me the I hope you aren't taking a photo of me look.
The stamps were almost as big as the postcards. They had originally given me too low a price for the stamps (maybe missed the tax) and then after the price was too high and the stamps were too big but I didn't complain. 

Monday, August 10, 2015


In my dream I was on some sort of magic carpet that was hovering over the Earth. For some reason, the Earth was on the outermost orbit from the sun so I could see the whole solar system and I was taking pictures. I had a couple of things on the carpet and things came a bit unbalanced and I dropped the camera with all the great pictures back down to Earth. I was sad about that. I dropped a book or something over Italy. I was less sad about that. I wanted the camera back.

When I came back to the ground James was getting ready to launch in a rocket with many other people. They had to zip themselves into bags to travel. I asked one guy to take care of him.

I woke up around 4m after that dream.

In the next dream I was doing some work at the back of a store and people came back to see me but there were all these people that I didn't trust. The first guy selling things I did but not the others. Certainly not the ladies. If I had uneaten food and they were there unobserved, I could not finish it.
The store owner asked me if James knew I had a job when I was checking out.

I was dropping off something at a grad students' house and his wife was there but she was very ill and went in the bathroom. After I had asked her name. Her head was half gray and she had just had a baby. It looked like they had a 2 year old as well.

Bernie had twins with Sue but then Sue left him.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Don't switch off the bacon

Yesterday I dreamed that there was a room full of hungry people. Except for one section that was sectioned off and noone could sit there. The bacon was happily cooking and people were eating. But for some reason the bacon stopped cooking. I scrambled to switch it back on. Keep the bacon cooking and keep the people fed.

This morning I dreamt  that there was a wedding with a number of ceremonies. I went to the first one and then later came back I guess for the reception. I saw some cards on the ground that must have come from another ceremony and fallen to the floor. One had a green sprig on it and was signed by Bill and Iris and some others. I wanted to get it to the main pile so I went in the reception room. There weren't many people there but I went over to the one woman who looked like an adult but she didn't know the people that well and didn't know where they went.

There was a potato that was a small flying thing that I was trying to take care of but was difficult because he was so small and kept flying around. I found him gnawing on a box as he thought something for him was inside (but it would have taken him weeks to gnaw through at the rate he was going). I kept worrying about losing him.

Also dreamt about puppies. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

where lynann lives

Dreamt that I was going to take over renting where Lynann lives. It was a very open concept and light wood flooring. At first I couldn't see all of it, just the one big room that I thought would be the master bedroom and a living area, there were children's sleeping areas off to the side (with no walls). But then I discovered that was actually the lower level, and there was a very bright upper level as well. She was very excited for me to take it over but we hadn't discussed rent and I wondered if buying instead of renting would be better.

Al was making aid boxes with food in it for needy people. I had all the tags for the boxes and was writing notes to go along but the boxes were disappearing and if he was giving them away I was going to have a hard time keeping up.

There was a girl I was trying to help -Tia- and she was having some mental problems. I was trying to get something to her but she had disappeared as well. She left a very funny video where her hair was all curled on top of her head.

I went to a different elevator than my usual one and it was only a one person one. I thought it would not be nice to be stuck in that. But it turned out it didn't go up to the floor I needed it to so I had to go back down and try again. I was happy to get out though.

Carolyn had a certificate for a $300 hotel room and wanted to take me with her instead of Bob as a treat.