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Sunday, June 05, 2011

speeding elevator

it involved staying at this complex that had apartments, shops on the main floor.
it was very complicated to get around.
i got to the apartment that we were going to be staying at, but then realized that I hadn't checked in and it was just after 3pm so it was time to check in, so I went down but it was very difficult to find the rental office, but when I did, they asked me if I had got their email. I said I had , but I hadn't understood it. It had read "violent night". They asked if there was still baby things in the room- I hadn't really paid attention but said I thought so. Then I realized that I hadn't brought my chequebook, so I needed to go back up and get that and the baby things.
So I went to the elevator as we were staying on the 27th floor. I got in and it started to up slowly, then it took off very rapidly, so much I got stuck in the padding that they had all around the elevator. (I guess a lot of people would fall when the speed went up!)


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