What dreams may come

A blog to keep track of my dreams and hear the interesting interpretations of others. The dreams are as much as I can recall of them and may be out of order and in rather rough format.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Saying goodbye

At 5:40 I woke up after I had been upstairs with a man who was dying (I think my grandfather). As I came downstairs I was crying because he had passed away and the phone was ringing. I didn't get to the phone on time. I knew it was my parents and they would call back. I was crying and in no shape to talk. James and I hugged.

Earlier I had gone to a store to buy a drink. I was paying with change and I paid 5 cents extra. At this store, they always kept the extra- I didn't mind.

There was a sparrow that flew onto the porch and was trapped. I told my family not to open the door to the house as it would be harder to get him out. But of course, someone did and he was in the house. However, he was not trouble at all and he came right to me and perched on my finger and talked to me while I was getting him back outside. Freedom!


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